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David Ortiz goes from Hall of Fame to coffee roaster thanks to Tampa coffee shop

Big Papi Blend Coffee
Posted at 12:23 PM, Feb 07, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-07 16:11:27-05

TAMPA — It’s already been an incredible year for David Ortiz, also known as Big Papi. He was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame, and then he unveiled his brand new coffee blend right here in Tampa Bay. And Kids have a whole new reason to cheer for him, because the profits from this coffee, are going back to them.

“Hey people out there, remember every time you buy a bag of Kahwa Coffee you save a life so let’s go,” said Ortiz during a recent video promotion.

Just like that, Ortiz went from Hall of Famer to coffee roaster.

“He was an awesome guy, really, really, really cool guy, very simple, very open, very funny, very, very, funny,” said Raphael Perrier, Owner of Kahwa Coffee.

This isn’t the first time Kahwa Coffee has combined America’s pastime with America’s favorite beverage.

Big Papi Coffee Blend

“The whole story started with Evan Longoria. We did a Number Three Blend with Evan six years ago when he was still playing with the Rays,” said Perrier.

When Ortiz heard about Longoria's blend, he approached Kahwa about a coffee of his own, Big Papi Blend.

“He was very very into creating the coffee, we talked about creating something that was close to his home town, the Dominican Republic, and having him involved and tasting it and appreciating it and really putting a stamp on it,” said Perrier.

The home run is that 100 percent of every bag sold goes to the David Ortiz Children’s Fund, providing essential support for children in the Dominican Republic and Boston who cannot afford critical medical services.

“Like Big Papi said, every bag you buy changes a life and that’s what it’s about, you don’t realize and understand exactly how much that means to them,” said Perrier.

Big Papi Blend can be purchased at any Kahwa Coffee location throughout Tampa Bay or online.