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Decorate Your Own Ice Cream Cake Kit Looks Like So Much Fun

Decorate Your Own Ice Cream Cake Kit Looks Like So Much Fun
Posted at 10:55 AM, Feb 13, 2020

Buying a pre-made birthday cake can sometimes be a necessity if you don’t have the time or the desire to make one of your own for the birthday boy or girl. But, let’s face it, it can be a bit impersonal to buy a pre-made cake that doesn’t include any of your own creative energy. Plus, decorating a birthday cake can be really fun, especially for your younger kids who love to have an opportunity to get messy in the kitchen.

That is why we are so excited that Friendly’s has partnered up with Crayola to create the new “Friendly’s Crayola Decorate Your Own Ice Cream Cake” kit.

Located in the freezer section of Target, this ice cream cake lets the whole family get in on the fun of creating a special cake design for birthday celebrations. You may also be able to find it at other retailers, such as Meijer.

The 60 oz. limited-edition birthday cake is made with premium vanilla and chocolate ice cream, and of course features yummy chocolate crunchies on the inside. It costs $17.99.


Best of all, the Friendly’s Crayola Decorate Your Own Ice Cream Cake also comes with two different kinds of icing (in radical red and denim blue shades), sprinkles (in dandelion yellow and meadow green) and rainbow confetti. The colorful cake is perfect for all ages and genders and allows you to create whatever designs you wish.

And, at under $20, it’s an affordable way to make birthday parties extra-special. Of course, you can also make designs for other occasions, whether you are celebrating a baby shower, a retirement — you name it! As the official cake decorator, you have total creative control.

Get decorating ideas from Friendly’s video of the new Crayola Decorate Your Own Ice Cream Cake below. As you can see, even little hands can work the icing tubes and make super-sweet designs to help you celebrate all of your special memories.

The Friendly’s Crayola Decorate Your Own Ice Cream Cake is a limited-edition item, so if you want to try your hand at ice cream cake decorating, move fast before you miss out!

Want a little less work in your ice cream cakes, but still want one that’s colorful and fun? Walmart has a unicorn ice cream cake that’s just $14.98. Or how about something for the adults? You could also order some artisanal versions from Goldbelly; they’ve got organic, saffron, and even boozy ice cream cakes available!

Of course, if you prefer different ice cream flavors you can always try your hand at making ice cream cake in your own kitchen. Sally’s Baking Addiction has a version that uses an Oreo cookie crust to stand in for those chocolate crumbles, and you can personalize it by adding your favorite ice cream flavors as well as putting decorations on top.

Kids are going to love this opportunity to play with their food. Enjoy!

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