4 ways to easily get to your bus stop

Posted at 3:26 PM, Nov 09, 2016

Getting to work is as easy as taking the bus — that is, if you live close to a bus stop. For many locals, the journey to a bus stop may stop them from using public transportation. Luckily, there is a solution.

Here are four ways to easily get to your bus stop.

1. Ride your bike

While your workplace may not be close enough to ride your bike the entire way, pedaling to the bus stop is a quick option (and a great way to fit in a morning workout). From there, you can load your bike onto the bus.

If you have a folded bike, Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority buses and vans have space underneath your seat or in front of you. For other types of bikes, you can load them onto the racks.

2. Walk or run

If you are within a mile or so of the bus stop, you may choose to walk or run to your stop. Doing so keeps you from the stress of traffic and parking and saves you money in gas. After your walk or run, you can relax and catch your breath on the bus ride, so you're refreshed when you arrive at work.

If you want to sprint, remember to take a fresh shirt and deodorant, so you can change before heading to your desk for the day.



3. Carpool

If you're too far away to bike or walk, consider carpooling to a Park-N-Ride lot. You will save gas in two ways: first, by taking turns with coworkers and friends to drive your own vehicle to the lot and, second, by riding the bus the rest of the way to work or your destination.

Parking is free, and HART offers Commuter Express, which will get you to work quickly. You can use the time to prepare for work by doing paperwork or checking your email, or by relaxing with the morning paper or a book.

4. Ridesharing

Ridesharing is simple, similar to Uber or Lyft. HART provides the convenient service for people who don't live close to public transit to help with what is known as the "First Mile/Last Mile" problem.

With an app on your smartphone, you can schedule a pickup or book the next available van. From there, you will be taken to the bus stop that best fits your route to work, school or wherever you're headed for the day.