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Bottleneck Bangs Are The Summer’s Most Effortlessly Cool Hairstyle

Bottleneck Bangs Are The Summer’s Most Effortlessly Cool Hairstyle
Posted at 10:45 AM, Jul 21, 2022

Move over, curtain bangs! There is a new style in town: bottleneck bangs.

Bang styles come and go in a blink of an eye. One minute, side-swept bangs are all the rage, then baby bangs, then rockabilly bangs. But right now, it’s all about bottleneck bangs, and it’s no wonder. The style is accessible for many hair types and requires very little maintenance. Vogue UK has even called them “the universally flattering way to do cool-girl hair.”

With bottleneck bangs, a little outgrowth is no problem, so you won’t have to dash to the salon for a trim every two weeks … or, worse, try to DIY a bang trim in your own bathroom, which can often turn out disastrously (not that I would know from personal experience or anything).


Bottleneck bangs are currently being rocked by many celebs of various ages, including Lady Gaga, Billie Eilish, Dakota Johnson and Lily Collins. What sets this style apart from curtain bangs (which have a very similar aesthetic) is that bottleneck bangs have shorter pieces hanging down in the middle. Curtain bangs are often one length, with long sweeping ends that are often styled with a center part in order to frame the cheekbones.

Bottleneck bangs have a similar vibe, yet they combine the long sweeping of curtain bangs with the straight edges of traditional bangs. The result is similar to the shape of a — you guessed it — bottleneck. The shorter pieces in the center of your forehead transition gently to the longer pieces of your bangs which frame the sides of your face. The result is youthful, low maintenance, and super apropos for warm weather.

With bottleneck bangs, you don’t have to stress about the humidity and sweat that can sometimes kill your bang style. The laidback, fringe-like shape of these bangs adapts easily to a messy, bedhead look, so you don’t have to worry about keeping your bangs perfectly coiffed when you’re at the beach or the park.


You can cut your own bottleneck bangs at home, if you are brave enough. Check out the YouTube video below from the hairstyling channel Love Haircut that will teach you how to cut and style your own bottleneck bangs. Or, show your stylist a picture of a celeb you like with bottleneck bangs and ask for a similar cut.

Here’s to low-maintenance hairstyles that still look fashion-forward!

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