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This Sweet Video Of A Delivery Man Discovering Snacks Left For Him On The Porch Is Going Viral

This Sweet Video Of A Delivery Man Discovering Snacks Left For Him On The Porch Is Going Viral
Posted at 11:50 AM, Dec 07, 2019

Santa Claus may get the spotlight and accolades for holiday gift-giving, but the man with the sleigh and reindeer has a lot of helpers behind the scenes getting millions of presents to their destination before Christmas.

In fact, the United States Postal Service said 800 million packages are expected to be delivered to doorsteps between Thanksgiving and Christmas by its drivers this year. That doesn’t even include the UPS drivers that are estimated to handle an average of 32 million packages per day during the holiday delivery season. These hard-working elves put in long days and often go unseen and unappreciated for their role in making the season bright for their customers.

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Getty Images | Scott Olson

Every year, Kathy Ouma of Middletown, Delaware enjoys adding a little holiday magic to the delivery drivers who drop by with eagerly awaited packages.

She puts a box out on her front porch filled with drinks and goodies for them. There are bottles of water, cans of soda and various bags of snacks free for the taking! Attached is a note thanking the drivers for making her holiday shopping so easy.

This year, Ouma got an extra dose of holiday happiness thanks to a delivery man’s reaction to her unexpected gift. Her doorbell camera captured the moment when Amazon driver Karim Earl Reed III dropped off a package and noticed the treats.

“Oh, this is nice!” Reed exclaimed happily as he bent over the box. “Oh, they got some goodies! Wow! Get outta here! Oh, this is sweet! This is so nice!”

Reed picks out a couple of snacks and does a little happy dance as he heads back to his van.

Ouma was thrilled to have the chance to see Reed’s excitement and posted multiple angles of the video to Facebook.

“THIS Made my day!” she shared.

At the time she shared the video, Ouma had no idea who the driver was. As the video started going viral, though, Reed actually reached out to the woman who made his day better. It turned out that her generosity came at the perfect time for him because he’d forgotten to pack a lunch that day!

What a heartwarming story of kindness and gratitude for the holiday season! That’s what this special time of year is all about!

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