Tips to protect renters from eviction

Posted at 6:56 PM, Apr 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-16 19:22:59-04

A disabled Clearwater man, Chad Lockwood, is just waiting for a deputy to come to his door to force him to leave his home. 

An eviction order was handed down to him, because the management company said he wasn't paying rent on time, had an unauthorized animal, caused disturbances, plus other violations.  

"We are trying to find a new place we are basically homeless at this point," said Lockwood.

He disputes everything his landlord claims and he believes the landlord has a personal problem with him. 

Lockwood lost his eviction case, but rental experts believe part of the problem is that he didn't know the process.  

"I just wrote forms and hand delivered them to her office," said Lockwood; after the landlord wouldn't fix maintenance problems. 

A rental expert told ABC Action News that casual correspondence with your landlord might not be enough. 

They said you need to download a form like this one hereand then send it to your landlord via certified mail. A landlord then has seven days to respond to your maintenance request.

The judgment against Lockwood stands.

Click hereto see a list of rights for Florida renters.