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Win A 3-Night Stay Inside This Giant Potato On Airbnb

Win A 3-Night Stay Inside This Giant Potato On Airbnb
Posted at 10:20 AM, Apr 25, 2019

Have you ever dreamed of sleeping inside of a spud? If so, plan your next vacation in Boise, Idaho, so you can experience the inside of a six-ton, potato-shaped hotel.

Even though it looks like a tuber, this gargantuan potato isn’t filled with yummy goodness. It’s made from steel, plaster and concrete, and you can hang out in it if you book it through the listing on Airbnb.

Originally built by the Idaho Potato Commission to represent its potato growers, the potato is 12 feet wide, 28 feet long and 11 1/2 feet tall. It was transformed by tiny house builder Kristie Wolfe — and she made it into the perfect little place to relax.


Want to know what you’re getting into before signing up? There are plenty of photos that show the interior of the spud on the Airbnb listing and it’s surprisingly luxurious for, you know, the inside of a giant potato.

You’ll find millennial pink chairs, house plants, a queen bed with white linens and an indoor fireplace. There’s also a small bookshelf and a unique chandelier to round out the decor.


The lodging even offers a tiny bathroom! For those renting through Airbnb, towels, bed sheets, soap and toilet paper are provided for each guest that comes to visit the spud.

As for where exactly the bathroom is located, Wolfe explained on Instagram that it’s about 30 feet from the potato, inside a converted silo.


On the downside, there’s no kitchen — so if you’re making the trip, plan to eat out or bring simple snacks.

Based on the Airbnb listing, the nightly rate starts at $207 a night. You’ll also have to pay a cleaning fee, service fee and occupancy taxes and fees. When we checked, there were sparse dates available in October 2021 and plenty of dates clear in November.

Win A Free Stay

You can actually win a free stay inside the spud, thanks to a contest being run by McAlister’s Deli, a chain known for its own giant baked potatoes (that you can’t sleep inside). The winner will get to stay in the room from Oct. 14-17 and will win free potatoes at McAlister’s for a year.

Entering the contest involves some activity on social media that has to be posted before Sept. 14. On Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you can post a photo of a potato dish you’ve ordered from McAlister’s with the hashtag #spudbudsweeps or simply tag the eatery @mcalistersdeli in the post. Alternatively, you can find the sweepstakes announcement post (published Sept. 1) on any of the restaurant’s social pages and tag three of your friends in a comment.

The winner will be notified on Sept. 21.


The potato is located in unincorporated Ada County, about 25 miles away from Boise. It’s close to Union Pacific Railroad and the Idaho Air National Guard Orchard Combat Training Center.

“It’s very American,” Wolfe, the host, told The Idaho Statesman. “You’ve got potatoes and the military and the railroad. It’s a good way to experience Idaho in a night or two.”


The Idaho Potato Commission created the potato in 2012 to honor its 75th anniversary, according to the Detroit Free Press. It toured the country for six years. Although a museum wanted it after it was retired, Wolfe had traveled with the potato for two years already as an ambassador for the organization and offered to turn it into a tiny home, so they gave it to her.

She now owns it and the 400 acres of land it sits on.

“Boy am I excited about this project! I got a listing set up so you all can save this beauty to your Airbnb Wishlist,” Wolfe wrote early in 2019.

Wolfe has also worked on several other memorable tiny home creations, including a Hobbit Hole and a Hawaiian treehouse, according to Esquire.


So, plan your next vacation to a starch-lover’s heaven and mash that “Reserve” button.

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