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Cute Yoda Bookend Makes It Look Like He’s Using The Force To Hold Up Your Books

Posted at 12:10 PM, Feb 05, 2020

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If a regular bookend just isn’t enough — or worthy enough — to keep your favorite page-turners neat and tidy, you might need the Force. Whether you’re showing off a collection of Star Wars books or not, Master Yoda is officially available to help, thanks to Hallmark’s online store, where a Yoda bookend retails for $19.95.

Thanks to its slanted design, the black metal bookend gives the illusion that your books are about to collapse, but are being effortlessly held up by the legendary Jedi Master. (Note that it really is an illusion, in that it’s only suitable for lightweight books, but Yoda devotees are sure to be able to overlook that minor detail.)


Rave reviews on the Hallmark online store show how much “Star Wars” fans love this item.

“For an extra level of cool, I placed a hardback book next to Yoda, and put the support inside the cover,” wrote one commenter. “It looks like he’s levitating it there with pure force mumbo jumbo.”

“Love the dark metal finish rather than it having been painted,” wrote another reviewer. “I think that allows the design and character to speak for themselves.”

Instagram user Jon Schneider showed off his Yoda bookend in the photo below:

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It’s about time the OG Yoda got some love. Baby Yoda has stolen his thunder recently. Baby Yoda merchandise is everywhere — and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon, as the love for “The Mandalorian” only continues to grow.

But don’t worry, Yoda. We haven’t forgotten you. Here are some more Yoda-themed products you might want to pop into your cart.

Thinking ahead to Valentine’s Day already? If you’re buying for a “Star Wars” fan, this “Yoda One For Me” T-shirt (Amazon, $22.99) is perfect.


Nothing deserves a spot beside your Yoda bookend more than this “Be More Yoda” book by Christian Blauvelt (Amazon, $9.71), which promises to teach “mindful thinking from a galaxy far far away.”


If you actually want to be Yoda, try this Yoda Electronic Mask (Amazon, $23.83) on for size. It might just help you channel the wisdom of the little green teacher. Or make your kids laugh, at least.


Happy shopping! And remember: “A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack.”

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