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Woman’s Genius Jean-folding Trick Is Going Viral

Woman’s Genius Jean-folding Trick Is Going Viral
Posted at 11:12 AM, Mar 01, 2020

If you’ve ever worked in a retail clothing store, you probably think you’ve got great folding skills. I must have folded thousands of pairs of jeans in my tenure at Urban Outfitters — I feel like I’ve got it down pretty well, and take pride in my neatly stored pants.

But this three-step technique, shared on TikTok by user @alifestyleforall, is new to me. First, the jeans are laid flat, front-side up. Taking one leg in each hand, she folds them upward to approximately the bottom of the pockets. She folds upwards once more, aligning the legs with the bottom of the waistband. Finally, she folds the jeans in half lengthwise so the back pocket of one side is facing up and that’s it!

Allow @alifestyleforall to demonstrate:

@alifestyleforallGet ready to be mind blown 😘👖##spacesaver ##wrinklefree ##tips ##viral♬ Lottery – K Camp

Super easy, right? And efficient. She got those four pairs on the bed straightened up without breaking a sweat. Her stack of folded jeans looks nice and slim and easy to store, too.

The video’s got 2 million views to date, so @alifestyleforall must be on to something!

If you’ve got a whole wardrobe’s worth of pants to put away, home organizing queen Marie Kondo has a sort-of-similar technique. In her version, the pants get folded lengthwise to start with, instead of at the end. The seat of the pants folds in against the legs, then they’re folded twice to create a little standalone pouch. This makes it easy to keep the pants upright in a drawer, like so:

Because she’s an organization guru, Kondo’s also got a method for folding your socks and underwear to maximize storage efficiency. Like the pants-folding technique, the idea is to fold the items into a shape that stands up on its own and then store the bundles together in a drawer.

Because she’s Marie Kondo, she’s even able to do this with a pair of silky, slippery undies — behold:

Thanks to these ladies’ ideas, I feel a round of spring cleaning coming on!

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