Which gas stations can pump gas with no electricity in Tampa Bay

Posted at 10:42 AM, Oct 04, 2016
and last updated 2017-09-07 12:37:14-04

After Hurricane Wilma left much of South Florida without electricity, many gas stations had no way to pump gas.

As a result, lawmakers passed a law that required some stations to install transfer switches, which enable them to run the pumps off generators.

Below is a county by county list of the gas stations that should be able to pump gas if a storm knocks out power here again, according to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

This list was updated in 2016. Our sister station WPTV has requested updates from the Florida Department of Agriculture and will add any additional gas stations when we get them.

And this map shows all of the gas stations in Florida with transfer switches. You can pan, zoom and click the pins for details.