Solutions to shortages on gas and water in Tampa Bay ahead of Hurricane Irma

Posted at 4:34 PM, Sep 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-07 18:54:03-04

Finding bottled water in the Tampa Bay area has been tough with people preparing for Hurricane Irma and people who have found it say it’s super expensive. 

Attorney General Pam Bondi addressed that in a press conference on Wednesday night saying that a case of water has been capped at $2.97 a case. If you see prices higher than that, the Attorney General’s office encourages you to call the price gouging hotline at 1-866-966-7226.

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If you can’t find water, now is the best time to start filling water bottles, Tupperware bowls, jugs anything you have at your house you can fill with water. Put those in your refrigerator right now and if you do lose power, at least you will have chilled, drinking water on hand.




The Attorney General’s office also wants you to report price gouging when it comes to gas prices as well. The state average is $2.71 and anything significantly above that is considered gouging and should also be reported to the hotline.

One South Tampa business is trying to help. Ultra Pure Water doesn't usually sell to the public, but now they're selling to anyone who needs it.

"I don't mind a little blood and sweat just to help the community," employee Chris Capp said. 

"It just happened really. The phones were ringing off the hook," said Co-owner Ultra Pure Water Larry Cacciatore.

The two Tampa natives, Cacciatore and Domenick Traina, are losing money on every case they help load. 

"Money does take a back seat to this. I mean we've got to the right thing," said Cacciatore.

Ultra Pure Water plans to sell cases until Saturday at their location at 5202 S. Lois Avenue in Tampa. 

Finding gas has been hard ahead of Hurricane Irma though, as many have been trying to gas up. Waze and Gas Buddy apps both have features that will show you which gas stations near you have gas or are without power.