Residents frustrated of paying for a trash pickup service they're not getting

Posted at 5:39 PM, Sep 25, 2017
and last updated 2017-09-25 17:39:56-04

People in Hernando County pay Republic Services to pickup their trash. But people are saying they’re not coming twice a week like they're supposed to, sometimes not even once a week and their trash piles up on the curb for days. 

Cynthia Collins said, "I pay a service every 90 days for them to pick up my garbage twice a week and I expect that."  

Sarah Chase said, "Every Tuesday and Friday, it sits."

It's the same story all around Ridge Manor. "Sometimes they pick up, most of the time they don’t." said Chase.

People say when they call Republic Services to complain, they get the same excuses. 

Chase said, "Their truck may be broken down, the road may be blocked, or their truck may be full." 

Collins said, "The trucks are breaking down. The truck was full and they had to drive back to the company in order to dump it. Constant excuses. The same excuses for almost a year." 

Jenna Howell said she can’t even enjoy time in her yard. "Its frustrating when you can’t enjoy it because of the smell of rotten food or flies all around you." 

Some people say they leave their trash out because Republic Services may show up on random days to do pick up. But when the garbage people don’t come, the animals do.

We reached out to Republic Services about the issue and didn’t get an immediate response. 

People in Ridge Manor say they’ve been dealing with this for months, and they’re sick of it. 

"We’re always paying on time and we’re not getting the service that we pay for." said Collins.