Mobile Home Park Without Power for 17 Days and Counting

Posted at 10:02 PM, Sep 27, 2017

Residents at Imperial Estates Mobile Home Park near Brooksville have been without power for 17 days and counting.

The owner of the mobile home park, Woody Wirtz says it's because their electrical boxes are sitting in flood water. Wirtz who has owned the for more than 20 years says the park never had a big problem with flooding until Highway 41 was raised and expanded. 

The highway runs next to the park and Wirtz says now the water has nowhere to go. 

Wirtz said, "They put this catch basin in to help relieve it, the catch basin is at least three feet higher than it needs to be so the water has still got nowhere to go." 

Wirtz has asked the Florida Department of Transportation to lower the drainage system they installed next to the road, but FDOT says they never built the drain for the park, they built it to keep water off the road. FDOT  said they will not lower the drain because it could flood other areas of land.

Wirtz says another option is to ask Duke Energy to raise the electric boxes but that will have to wait until the water eventually goes down.