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Video Of A Horse Performing A Viral Dance Challenge Is Too Good

Video Of A Horse Performing A Viral Dance Challenge Is Too Good
Posted at 9:30 AM, Nov 02, 2021

A dancing horse recently went viral — and this time it’s not a dressage champ trotting to rave music at the Olympics or a horse who enjoys a jelly-filled Dunkin’ ritual that helps her take medications.

The impressive moves to the 2013 bop “Classic” by MKTO came from a horse named Mitch and his owner, Jenny. The pair imitated a popular TikTok dance challenge to their best horse-abilities including a bow, a jump and some criss-cross footwork.

Take a look at their version of the dance, posted to @jomibaduja_jenny on TikTok:


♬ Classic – MKTO

As one TikTok commenter said, “That high kick has pizzazz!”

Mitch is a 15-year-old Irish Cob, a breed known for its reliability and easygoing nature. His trainer Jenny has been on TikTok and YouTube for a few years and has posted numerous videos under the handle Jomibaduja, which is a mashup of the beginning of her five horses’ names: Joey, Mitch, Bae, Duke and Jack.

Thanks to Mitch’s dance moves, that video received 9.5 million views. On Oct. 21, the horses and Jenny celebrated 100,000 followers (she’s now at more than 164,000) with markings on their foreheads and “Danke” (German for thank you) written on Bae’s side.

The horses sometimes act more like dogs, as seen in this YouTube video of Jenny and Bae practicing some tricks. Using her voice, gestures and sometimes her whole body, Jenny gets Bae moving in specific ways.

Jenny has been on TikTok since 2018, so she’s participated in a few other TikTok challenges over time. These include a horse kiss version to the tune of “Mua Mua” by Miya and more recently going through the hand motions to DJ Noiz’s “Neon Moon” while on horseback.

Also, she played around with Bae the pony to Tokio Hotel’s “Here Comes the Night.”


♬ Here Comes The Night – Tokio Hotel

(Jenny also did a version of “Classic” with two friends in which her dog Yuri wanted to join in.)

You may not be a horse but you can still learn this “Classic” dance with video tutorials like this one from Learn to Dance on YouTube.

What do you think? Do you have the hooves for it?

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