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This Video Of Shelter Dogs Picking Out Their Own Presents Will Melt Your Heart

This Video Of Shelter Dogs Picking Out Their Own Presents Will Melt Your Heart
Posted at 1:39 PM, Dec 26, 2019

There’s something about dogs that make us feel like they’re too good and pure for this world. And shelter dogs, waiting for their forever homes, are among the most precious.

Fortunately, as they wait, there are special groups of people who are doing all they can to give these adorable animals the best care possible. Even during the holidays, shelter workers try to bring a little extra cheer to their four-legged residents. And the staff at one animal shelter arranged for their furry little friends to have their pick of the holiday gifts under the tree.

Lucky for us, those in attendance recorded these precious moments and shared them on social media for the whole world to see and enjoy.

The presents in the video above are from the kind folks at the LifeLine Animal Project in Atlanta, Georgia. Shelter volunteers graciously donated money to purchase the puppy presents and then wrapped them and placed them under the tree. A handful of playful pups — some of them decked out in full holiday fashion — were then allowed to choose a present. With boundless energy and tails frantically wagging, these dogs clearly can’t wait to open their gifts!

As cute as the video is, the staff at Lifeline Animal Project hopes that each of these dogs gets an even better gift for 2020.

“These pups can’t wait to meet you at the LifeLine Community Animal Center!” reads their Facebook post. “They are all crossing their paws in hopes that they will find their perfect match in time for the new year.”

And just in case you were worried, the shelter’s kitties were not left out of the holiday fun. The volunteers picked up the “purrfect” gift for these fabulous felines, too!

The kitties may not be as rambunctious as their canine friends, but they seem pretty pleased with their present.

Looking for a new pet this year? A shelter like this is a great place to start.

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