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Swiss Miss And Duncan Hines Debut Hot Cocoa Cake Mix And Frosting

Swiss Miss And Duncan Hines Debut Hot Cocoa Cake Mix And Frosting
Posted at 12:24 PM, Nov 04, 2020

Nothing makes a cold winter night warmer and cozier than a steaming mug of hot cocoa. If a cup of hot chocolate isn’t enough to satisfy your winter season sweet tooth, though, Swiss Miss and Duncan Hines are mixing together this holiday season with two new hot chocolate products that are sure to do the trick: cake mix and frosting!

Hitting grocery store shelves nationwide in November, the new Duncan Hines Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Flavored Boxed Cake Mix and Hot Cocoa Frosting sound like the perfect collaboration for a winter treat. The frosting is ready right out of the container and the cake mix only requires three eggs, a cup of water and a ½ cup of vegetable oil.

Both are made with rich cocoa. A Duncan Hines representative tells Simplemost the cake mix will cost around $1.99, while the frosting is $2.49. For an extra festive treat, you may want to consider putting marshmallows on top of the cake, just like you would if it was a cup of hot chocolate!

Simply making a cake with the mix and covering it in the frosting is sure to be delicious enough. But, if you want to try something else, Conagra’s recipe blog, Ready Set Eat, has some delicious-sounding recipes using the new products, like Hot Cocoa Cupcake Mugs.

The cupcake mugs use both the cake mix and the frosting and have chocolate chips, mini marshmallows and candy cane pieces on top. You’ll also use a miniature candy cane on the side of the cupcake to make a “handle” for your mug!


If hot chocolate isn’t your favorite holiday flavor, Duncan Hines has a slew of other boxed cake mixes and frostings, as well as a new Holiday Mega Cookie mix that makes a huge single cookie!

The classic sugar cookie mix comes with a cookie pan, so all you have to do is combine the mix, melted butter and water, and press it in the pan. You can bake it or use the microwave for quick prep, then decorate it with colorful holiday sprinkles.


Do you love hot chocolate flavors in the winter?

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