WATCH: What can we expect in spring 2016

Posted at 1:12 PM, Mar 18, 2016

Spring officially begins this weekend, and it's following the warmest winter on record.

That warmth is going to stick around for most of the country, and it'll stay wet across the South, which could lead to an increased flooding risk in the Southeast.

On the upside, some drought relief is expected to arrive in northern California, which has been dealing with significant to severe drought conditions for years.

As for severe thunderstorms, this year has already been busier than the last two years, and we'll likely see more severe thunderstorms in the coming months — peak severe weather season.

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The maps used in the video above are averages for the course of three months, and since this is spring, we'll likely see swings to both extremes of temperature and precipitation in the coming months.

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