Lucky cat: Falling feline gets saved at Miami football game

Hard Rock Stadium
Posted at 12:03 PM, Sep 13, 2021

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. (AP) — The most notable catch in Saturday's game between No. 22 Miami and Appalachian State didn't even happen on the field.

Wasn't even a football.

It was a cat.

The animal somehow got into Hard Rock Stadium, then got caught by one of its paws off the facade of the upper deck.

Our Florida sister station WPTV was given a video of the incident from an employee at the stadium who filmed it.

It eventually fell to the lower level of the stadium, where fans using an American flag as a makeshift net of sorts could safely catch it before it was carried off to safety.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Craig Cromer and his wife Kimberly always bring a flag to each home game.

Craig said officials were trying to get to the cat but couldn't reach it and because the cat was scared, it kept moving downward.

Once they saw the cat losing its grip, the Cromer's unhooked their flag from the railing, catching the cat, who then bounced off the flag and then was secured by someone in the student section nearby.

Security workers took the cat away, which the AP reported showed no signs of injury.