TK's Take: Are Bolts worn down?

Posted at 11:08 PM, Mar 11, 2016

With 14 games left to go in the regular season, I want to believe the Tampa Bay Lightning have what it takes to make a deep run in the playoffs, but I’m not sure.

This team has proven to me and to you it has plenty of heart and character, I’m just not so sure it has the necessary amount of gas in the tank.

This past 1 ½ months, Jon Cooper’s team put a full court press on just to get back into the playoff picture. 

It took plenty of physical and MENTAL stamina to pull it off, not to mention Ben Bishop.

But you know and I know that all that stress takes a toll.

I see a Lightning team looking for breaks on the ice and in the schedule, as they did against Philly on Monday.  They tried to reload in a more important game against the Bruins and got a point, but still lost.

Then tonight, they laid an egg against the Flyers- again.

The Bolts still have two back-to-back nights left on the schedule which is ludicrous.

They go on the road for four straight, return home for a six game homestand, and then finish the season with four more on the road.

They’re eight points to the good of Philadelphia, which is just outside looking in the playoffs.

 In other words, the Bolts are all but in.

Maybe they know it and taking the Atlantic Division isn’t as appealing now as rest and a night off mentally here and there until it really counts.

For a skilled team like the Bolts, there should be no reason why their power play stinks.

From my vantage point, and a layman’s look at it, they look slow.

They do not attack and the set up shot isn’t there because the player is not in position to let it loose.

There needs to be more movement on the PP.  Way too much standing around for my taste. 

It’s almost as if they are using those minutes to get a rest than to attack 5 on 4.

Like I said, 14 more games to go.

When this team is on, no one can beat them, even the Caps.

Problem is, will they have what they need when they need it?

Just an observation.