Fan at Fenway Park catches thrown baseball bat while talking on cell phone

Fenway Park Improvements
Posted at 2:41 PM, May 17, 2021

A fan sitting in the stands at Fenway Park over the weekend was having what appeared to be a pretty important phone conversation. So important, he couldn’t drop the call when a bat came flying in his direction.

Video from Sunday’s game shows Los Angeles Angels’ second baseman Jose Rojas at the plate, he swings and the bat flies out of his hands and into the stands.

A follow-up shot of the crowd shows a man casually walk in front of the bat, grab it, and hand it to a woman sitting nearby. In the video clip, it sounds like the man may have to give the bat back to the team. Hopefully, he gets another souvenir to remember this casual catch.

The Angels ended up beating the Boston Red Sox, 6-5 on Sunday.