4 ways to get around Tampa without gas money

Posted at 11:06 AM, May 03, 2016

Gas prices are as unpredictable as the weather, and fossil fuels are no friend to the environment. If you're looking for affordable ways to get around without using gasoline, turn to these four suggestions to help you out.

1. Bus

Buses are a great way to get around Tampa and Hillsborough County because HART has plenty of accommodating schedules and routes. Residents and tourists who can get to any of the 3,300 bus stops have access to the entire array of Hillsborough County destinations.

If you’re going anywhere by bus, you can use your Smartphone, use WiFi, or just relax while your transit system is doing the driving for you.

HART buses also provide daily scheduled transportation for your commute to work or school.  You can go shopping, or to that occasional concert, sports game, or area attraction.

2. Van Services

If large public transport vehicles aren’t your thing, consider using HARTFlex. These vehicles are perfect for certain geographic zones where service is extended.
Whether a trip to the store or a ride home from work, HARTFlex vans offer comfortable transport to any location in the following areas:

  • Brandon
  • South County
  • Northdale
  • Town ‘N Country
  • South Tampa


HARTFlex is a flexible van transportation service, so you can plan your day without bus stops. With this flexible service, reservations are encouraged but not required.

Best of all, Saturdays are also available, so you can also catch a ride on the weekend. Prices are affordable.

3. Streetcar

If your destination involves downtown Tampa, the Channelside District, or Ybor City, opt for the TECO Line Streetcar System. You can take a walk down memory lane and remember the city in its golden days, when streetcars were the go-to transportation.

Streetcars offer a unique experience that reveal Tampa’s flavor and rich history. The Streetcar system has 11 station stops, which takes you to shopping, dining and local attractions. Residents, visitors and working folk alike can enjoy this transportation option.



4. Bikes on Buses

This solution offers multiple benefits to you as well as the environment. You’ll enjoy the scenery as you exercise, while helping to cut down on air pollution.

As long as you have a bike, you can get to those places your transportation system goes. All HART buses and van services, including HARTFlex are equipped with bicycle racks.  If you have a folding bicycle, you can take it on-board, if it fits under the seat. With racks to hold your bike, you can get to your nearest bus stop and back home, or go a long distance without working up a sweat.

For more information about how you can ride on HART, your public transportation system, visit