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Ruffles Released A New Chili Cheese Flavor, No Dip Needed

Ruffles Released A New Chili Cheese Flavor, No Dip Needed
Posted at 2:38 PM, Nov 13, 2020

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There’s a new Ruffles flavor coming to Kroger shelves near you, and it’s basically a chip and dip in one. The Chili Cheese Ruffles are proving that you can have your dip and eat it, too!

The news was shared by Instagram junk food account @markie_devo, and since then, we have been eagerly keeping our eyes out for this new flavor. It’s a Kroger exclusive, so if you want to try this flavor, you’ll have to check out local Kroger stores (find your location here).

But junk food maven @markie_devo suggests it may be possible to find these Ruffles at Walmart, too, so if you don’t live near a Kroger-associated grocery store, you could possibly find it at Wally World.


And no, your memory isn’t playing tricks on you. Ruffles rolled out a chili cheese flavor about 10 years ago. But the limited-time flavor was only a blip in our beloved chip index — until now.

Of course, the new flavor is being compared to another Frito-Lay offering, Chili Cheese Fritos, but the Ruffles version will be a potato-forward twist on the flavor, rather than corn-based.

Whatever the brand, it’s undeniable that chili cheese is one of the best chip flavors of all time. Cheetos even got into the chili-cheese game a while back, offering up the delicious Cheetos Fantastix Chili Cheese to satisfy our need for cheese and chili-flavored heat all at once. And hot dog champions Nathan’s FamousChili Cheese Crunchy Crinkle Fries brought the chili-cheese snack game to a whole other level of perfection.


Looking for a way to bring some of this Ruffles goodness into your Thanksgiving feast? We love this unique dip recipe for a pumpkin-shaped cheese ball. This particular recipe calls for crushed-up Doritos, but we think the Chili Cheese Ruffles would be even more scoop-worthy.

And for those who are watching their carb count, keto-friendly Whisps has a Hot & Spicy Cheese Crisps flavor that may satisfy your need for spicy junk food.

Are you excited to seek out the new Chili Cheese Ruffles?

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