YouGood? campaign aims to match people with centralized mental health services

Leo Gomez Mural.png
Posted at 5:10 AM, Dec 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-24 06:56:44-05

The holidays are normally a time for celebration, but for many 2020 has been a year of incredible loss.

"Not everyone is feeling the joy so we have to make sure we’re reaching out to each other and asking, 'Are you good?'" CEO of Personal Enrichment through Mental Health Services Maxine Booker said.

Several Pinellas county organizations focused on mental health are teaming up to help you rebound from mental health issues.

“We’re working to make the process a lot easier, making sure that people are getting those connections," Booker said. "They’re not calling around for hours trying to get services in different agencies. We want one centralized contact place where people can get behavioral health services."

Booker's organization is one of 10 participating in the YouGood? campaign for Pinellas County. If you're experiencing mental health issues you can call 727-791-3131. The line is open 24/7. An operator will connect you to the resources that would work best for you.

The campaign also has an art component. Briauna Walker, Jimmy Breen, James "Freeman" Kitchens, and Leo Gomez are working on murals across St. Pete. They should be finished by the end of December.

Jimmy Breen mural.png

"It’s really beautiful when you can get an art piece that serves a greater purpose and bring it to the community and I feel really grateful to help do that," Breen said.

Breen's mural is at Sunshine Kitty Catfe at 1669 1st Ave. S.

"I’m trying to create something that gives people a good feeling when you see it, it’s got bright colors and smiley faces, but if you really sit and look at it and you think about it and consider it, you might notice that there’s a little bit more going on." Breen said. "And that’s what YouGood? is all about. It’s stopping saying 'I’m good' and it’s opening yourself up to being able to say how you truly feel so you can get the help that you deserve."

You can find Walker's mural at Operation Par at 1900 9th St. S., Kitchens's mural at the Sanderlin Center at 2335 22nd Ave. S., and Gomez's mural at Beau & Mo's Italian Steakhouse at 2924 5th Ave. N.

More information on the YouGood? campaign can be found here.