Floatation therapy could help diminish your stress level amid pandemic

Posted at 6:52 PM, Aug 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-26 18:52:44-04

If you're feeling stressed during this pandemic, floatation therapy could be the "adult time out" you need to feel better in just one hour.

"We provide everything that you need. You just come in, leave your stress here. I'll hold onto it for you," said Mark Anderson, who owns St. Pete Salt Works Float Center in St. Petersburg.

Anderson says floatation therapy can help those with anxiety and stress, especially during this pandemic.

"Floatation therapy is all about creating an environment where you can remove the outside stimulation for an hour," he said.

Floatation therapy involves 200 gallons of water in a tub, filled with 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt, and that density holds you in perfect alignment under zero-gravity conditions. The water is at 93.5 degrees, that's the same temperature as your skin.

"It is a space that's soundproof and light proof, so if you want to get the full sensory experience, you turn off those lights and say bye-bye world," he explained.

According to the Laureate Institute For Brain Research, scientists found floatation therapy helps relieve stress, anxiety, depression, sleep issues, pain and even PTSD.

"It's taking your serotonin and your cortisone levels, all of these fight or flight responses, all of these different parts of your brain that are causing you to have that stress cup filled to the top.
It's taking that and leveling it down so you're able to process your environment better," Anderson said.

Anderson admits it even helped him with his own stress and anxiety.

"It had just a tremendous effect on me and it's something you can't really label. You have to kind of experience it and you step back and you're able to reprocess the way I live my life," he admitted.

Scientists say floatation therapy helps to disconnect the nervous system from life's constant stream of stimulation, making it therapeutic for promoting mental health and healing.

"Its been around for a long time. There's science behind it and it's really just an hour for you. It's adult time out, makes sense for a lot of people right now," Anderson added.

St. Pete Salt Works Float Center received a grant from the Veteran's Affairs Wounded Warriors Program so those veterans with traumatic brain injuries can use floatation therapy at no cost.

Just contact your local veteran's affairs office to find out how you can receive free float therapy sessions or click here.

For others, you can purchase individual or multiple floats and prices start at $49 per float.