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$2 Product Makes All Masks Adjustable

$2 Product Makes All Masks Adjustable
Posted at 1:43 PM, Nov 12, 2020

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Masks are the “it” accessory of 2020-21. Recommended by top health officials, wearing these face coverings is one of the best ways we can help slow the spread of the coronavirus.

But, as we get adjusted to this new mask-wearing norm amid the pandemic, little issues are bound to pop up. Eyeglasses fog up. Maskne is now part of our pandemic vocabulary due to the pesky pimples that thrive in the sweaty, oily environs under our masks. And, sometimes, the one-size-fits-all masks you order online are too big, so your protective covering slides down, leaving your nose naked. So, there you are, adjusting your mask, knowing that you probably shouldn’t be touching your face that frequently because microbes could have hitched a free ride from door handles or elevator buttons or grocery cart handles to your face. (Also, all that face touching is probably not helping the aforementioned maskne.)

Thankfully, there’s solution: Silicone mask adjusters! You can find these little doodads online for cheap.  This 24-pack of tube silicone adjusters for masks is being sold on Etsy for $2.50 (less than a dime apiece!), and you have a rainbow of colors to choose from. (The seller has a video showing how you can easily attach the silicone adjuster to your mask with the assistance of a bobby pin). Or, you can find silicone mask buckles on Amazon starting at $5.99 for 60 pieces.


These adjusters can also come in handy for kids’ masks that are sometimes too big for their little faces.

I’ve personally had luck with the mask packs from Old Navy that come with silicone ear adjusters, which gives masks a custom fit. Just in time for the holidays, the retailer has some cute, festive masks for both kids and adults. Look at this pack of holiday masks that will transform you into Santa one day and a snowman the next:

Old Navy

Five packs of adjustable masks are $12.50 at Old Navy — but watch for promotions, because I scored 50% off my recent pack of masks!

[H/t: EatingWell]

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