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‘Pickle Subs’ Are The Most Delicious Low-carb Alternative To Your Favorite Sandwich

‘Pickle Subs’ Are The Most Delicious Low-carb Alternative To Your Favorite Sandwich
Posted at 3:09 PM, Feb 11, 2019

If you’re looking for a way to satisfy your craving for a big, juicy sub without overindulging on carbs, this bread-free hack is for you. “Pickle subs” require swapping bread for large pickle slices so you can still enjoy a sandwich without the carbs. It’s also way more inventive — and flavorful — than a lettuce wrap!

We found a recipe from blogger Badtuber that involves slicing large pickles lengthwise, combining condiments such as mayonnaise and mustard, then layering in cheese, salami and turkey. You can then use a toothpick to keep the entire Keto-friendly thing together. You won’t miss the bread at all!

This Instagram from California’s 19TEN Oceanside restaurant shows how theirs comes together:

New Jersey-based sandwich shop Elsie’s brands itself as the “home of the pickle sandwich.” Check this amazing monster out:


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These easy-to-make subs will surely upgrade your desk lunch, make a great snack for the kids or be a crowd-pleasing appetizer. Of course, the great thing about sandwich recipes is that you can substitute the ingredients for all of your personal favorites.

For example, a recipe from Canadian Cooking Adventures shows how you can layer pickled beef brisket, Swiss cheese and Thousand Island dressing between two pickle slices to create a low-carb version of a classic Reuben sandwich.

A version we found from Wicked Stuffed also highlights how using pickle slices can upgrade a classic tuna salad sandwich. This recipe suggests adding fresh dill to go along with the salt and pepper.


Several food bloggers even recommend using pickle slices to make wraps, too. For example, this recipe from Unsophisticook shows how you can place cream cheese wedges around a pickle and then wrap everything in a slice of dried beef. Slice them into rounds, and you’ve got yourself one delicious snack or appetizer.


Meanwhile, Momdot points out that these roll-ups are so easy to make, you can even get your kids in on the action. So, meal prep just got a bit easier and more fun!

Plus, look at how adorable this wrapped, rolled-up food looks in a kid’s lunchbox. All you require is some turkey, American cheese and a little mayo to wrap around the pickle slices.


With sub, sandwich and wrap recipes this delicious, your bread-eating days are numbered! Pickles are clearly where it’s at.


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