Leopard prowls Indian school, injures at least 3

Posted at 3:04 PM, Feb 08, 2016
A leopard wandered into a school in southern India and injured multiple people as it tried to escape, officials said.
Onlookers including TV news crews watched the chase, which lasted several hours until forest workers shot the big cat with a tranquilizer dart on Sunday afternoon, according to Press Trust of India news agency.
Reports differed on the number of people injured. The Associated Press reported three, while other another outlet reported six.
The Press Trust of India quoted school officials as saying the leopard was first seen on closed-circuit TV before dawn inside the private Vibgyor School in Bangalore, and then disappeared into some surrounding bushes.
The big cat later scaled a wall to re-enter the school grounds. It attacked a veterinarian and a man who was trying to climb over a gate to get away, the agency reported. Police said the injured people are being treated in a hospital.