Watch: Wisconsin sheriff's deputy comes within inches of being struck during traffic stop

Sheriff's office reminds drivers to move over
Posted at 1:33 PM, Dec 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-29 17:04:12-05

ADAMS COUNTY, Wis. — The Adams County Sheriff's Office shared a video on Facebook of one of their deputies nearly getting hit while on a traffic stop.

The deputy was writing a warning ticket for a vehicle he had pulled over. While he was talking to the driver, a white truck sped past him, inches away from hitting the deputy. The man then wrapped up with the car he had pulled over and went after the reckless driver.

The driver who almost hit the officer was cited for several violations, and the deputy is safe.

Here's the full video on YouTube:

Adams County Sheriff's Office went on to advise all drivers to "Move Over or Slow Down" with their Facebook post. Winter already increases driving challenges, so it is important to do your part in avoiding further safety issues, they say.Drivers are required to shift lanes or slow down for law enforcers, emergency responders, and workers with Wisconsin's "Move Over Law".

This creates a "safety zone" for the emergency or maintenance vehicles stopped on the side of the road. If the road has multiple lanes, drivers are required to move over. If it is a single lane, drivers must slow down. 

Tickets for violating this law result in a $249 fine, three demerit points on your license, and potential suspension.