Top trending travel spots to book for 2017 according to TripAdvisor

Posted at 6:01 AM, Dec 30, 2016
and last updated 2016-12-30 06:01:28-05

As many Americans are making plans and resolutions for 2017, TripAdvisor®, the travel planning and booking site, has announced the Travelers’ Choice awards for Destinations on the Rise.

The beautiful beach city of Kihei in Hawaii ranked as the top rising spot in the U.S., while the laid-back local scene of San Jose del Cabo in Mexico earned the ranking of number one in the world.

The awards recognize 43 destinations around the world selected by an algorithm primarily measured by year-over-year increase in positive TripAdvisor traveler review ratings for accommodations, restaurants and attractions, and increase in booking interest.

Florida did crack the top ten, with Jacksonville being the tenth ranked U.S. destination on the rise.

This is the fifth year of the awards and Travelers’ Choice Destinations on the Rise lists were also revealed for Europe, Asia and South America.

“The Travelers’ Choice Destinations on the Rise lists are great options for travelers seeking inspiration for fresh, trending places to book in the new year,” said Barbara Messing, chief marketing officer for TripAdvisor. “These award-winning locations are emerging in popularity among the TripAdvisor community thanks to their highly-rated options for places to eat, play and stay for travelers.”

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