3 gadgets to help make your home smell good

Posted at 1:54 PM, Feb 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-23 09:12:18-05

An important sense is smell and tech is taking our noses to the next level. Donna Ruko is sniffing out three fresh new gadgets that will have your home smelling great.

1.  Moodo

This is an app connected scent box for your home where you control the scent, you control which capsules to use and how to mix them. Just use your smart phone and dial in the strength of four different scent pods. Mixing and matching means you have the ability to create over 400,000 different combinations. You can preorder one for around $250 and they should start shipping in July.

2.  Aromacare

This is a connected diffuser for aromatherapy and it uses pods and an app to create various scents. The cool thing about this one is their blank pod which allows you to add your favorite essential oils. You can preorder one for around $96.

3.  Sensorwake

This is an Olfactory alarm clock that wants to wake you up with pleasant scents. Just choose a cartridge and within two minutes of your wake up time it'll gradually lure you out of your dreams. If that doesn't work then it will play a melody like a traditional alarm clock. Pick one up for around $109.

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