Bombing suspect photo reveals clue of plan

Posted at 11:35 PM, Mar 22, 2016

A picture showing three possible suspects from the Brussels airport bombing is being critically investigated worldwide.

A small, yet crucial detail is coming to surface that a local, former FBI agent says could have been a red flag if caught by airport officials.

At first glance, the three men in the picture look like average travelers, pushing a possible luggage cart.

A closer look reveals two of the men are only wearing one glove with their hands on the carts. In hindsight, former FBI Agent Stuart Kaplan says that detail should have been a red flag.

"If they were carrying explosive devices, they would be very concerned and aware of the fact that they would want to discharge any static electricity," Kaplan explained.

Their glove-less hands were holding the metal luggage carts. That would be a way to discharge the static that could prematurely detonate a bomb.

"The other hypothesis is if they were trying to conceal the detonator in their left hand," Kaplan says, by wearing a glove to hide the possible trigger.

In this day and age, Kaplan questions why the men were allowed as far on to airport property as they were with explosives. They didn't make it to security, but Kaplan says this highlights the need for security to start as soon as anyone enters airport property.

"I always remind people after 911, you couldn't get back on airport property unless you could show there was a reason for you to be on the airport…. Unfortunately, several months went by after 911 and things kind of went back to a normal state," Kaplan said.

He says it's time to bring back that level of security here in the U.S. He says there needs to be stricter access before driving onto airport property, checking car trunks and luggage long before passengers make their way to the security line.

"The reality is we can't watch everybody in the world. I think it's becoming more prevalent and I think we need to be much more vigilant."


An interactive New York Times piece points out even more going on in the photo. The suspects' calm demeanor in public is almost to be expected. They wouldn't want to cause panic before they get to their target destination. 

Further, notice the trimmed beards. Typically, ISIS requires fighters to keep long facial hair, but these men are groomed presumably to avoid any prejudiced suspiciousness.