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Woman waiting 10 months for unemployment benefits is still in limbo

Woman needs unemployment
Posted at 6:44 PM, Apr 02, 2021

TALLAHASSEE, Fla — Jordan Lawrence had started to think her troubles with the DEO were over.

“They called me and told me my account was unlocked and it was I went and checked which was great,” she said. “Then they told me another person would be calling me which I was a little oh that’s probably not gonna happen and it did!”

This was just 24 hours after we first introduced you to Lawrence this week — a single mother who hasn’t seen any of the money she was eligible for and claimed From February of 2020 to mid-June.

She's been back to work since then.

“It’s been really hard but I feel more positive now because you’ve helped me and you’ve gotten my name out there to where they can recognize me and call me and try to follow up with me,” she said.

It’s why she was thrilled to see her phone light up with calls from people at the DEO.

“Based on the two people that called me that day they seemed very sure it was all good unlock ready to be paid,” she said.

But, so far, no money has been deposited into her bank account, and now her claim in CONNECT says pending adjudication.

I’m frustrated because I keep getting my hopes up and then something happens and then I can’t get a hold of anyone to try and figure out how to fix it,” she said.

We sent another urgent e-mail to the DEO on Lawrence’s behalf which was acknowledged by the DEO’s office of communications within 5 minutes.

Lawrence says before she reached out to us, she had a hard time getting anyone at the DEO to follow up with her.

But, she says based on the most recent progress, she’s hopeful she’ll get paid soon but says the DEO needs to work on better communication with all claimants moving forward.

“I hope they get a system down where people apply, they get confirmations there’s communication,” she said. “Even if it’s not there getting paid out next week at least they’re having some type of communication that’s not a robotic email.”

If you’re having issues with your claim, please fill out our spreadsheet.