WATCH | Woman caught on surveillance video stealing bags off the beach

Posted at 3:24 PM, Jun 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-19 15:33:40-04

One woman was caught on surveillance in Jacksonville stealing bags off the beach.

Facebook user Alexis Keller posted the video online. Her brother's backpack was the one stolen in one of the videos. The woman snatches the bag up and keeps walking. Keller said the incident happened Sunday when her brother wanted to go surfing.

"He was looking at the surf cams the next day and come to find out they got video of it."

The next day, she said they went back to the same beach and saw a similar incident involving who she thinks is the same person.

"The girl literally walked in front and acted normal like she was looking at the waves turned around grabbed the back pack and walked out of frame," said Keller.

She says she posted the video as a warning to beachgoers to watch their stuff carefully.

Keller said there was only some clothes in her brother’s backpack, but there was a cell phone and keys in his friend's backpack.

Officials say with Florida being such a tourist hotspot, these types of things happen more and more often.

"Those things do happen more often because people wait around and look for people who have left items unattended," one officer with Jacksonville Beach Police said.

The department reportedly said they've had five reports of stolen items from the beach area in the last two weeks.