Record number of Tampa Bay area voters cast ballots early

Posted at 5:05 AM, Nov 07, 2016

Voters across Florida, the battleground state that could tip this year's elections, streamed to the polls on the final day of early voting ahead of Tuesday's election. Spurred on by the frenzied campaign put on by both major candidates, nearly half of Florida's 12.9 million registered voters had already cast ballots even before the final push that came on Sunday.

Here are the number of voters and early voters in the Tampa Bay area, by county.

Hillsborough County

Total Voters: 849,843
Early Voters: 419,203
Republican Early Voters: 147,964
Democrat Early Voters: 176,200

Pinellas County

Total Voters: 648,770 
Early Voters: 313,641
Republican Early Voters: 120,587
Democrat Early Voters: 120,943

Pasco County

Total Voters: 336,689 
Early Voters: 142,362
Republican Early Voters: 61,306
Democrat Early Voters: 47,977

Hernando County

Total Voters: 130,639 
Early Voters: 58,608
Republican Early Voters: 26,528
Democrat Early Voters: 20,152

Citrus County

Total Voters: 105,672 
Early Voters: 53,431
Republican Early Voters: 27,471
Democrat Early Voters: 15,379

Polk County

Total Voters: 407,647 
Early Voters: 168,543
Republican Early Voters: 66,828
Democrat Early Voters: 65,804

Highlands County

Total Voters: 61,603 
Early Voters: 29,854
Republican Early Voters: 15,171
Democrat Early Voters: 9,644

Manatee County

Total Voters: 231,056 
Early Voters: 112,203
Republican Early Voters: 52,853
Democrat Early Voters: 35,708

Sarasota County

Total Voters: 302,487 
Early Voters: 79,823
Republican Early Voters: 36,638
Democrat Early Voters: 24,459


Total Voters in Tampa Bay area: 3,074,406
Early Voters in Tampa Bay area: 1,377,668
Republican Early Voters: 555,346
Democrat Early Voters: 516,266

44.8% of registered voters in 9 bay area counties have voted early or by mail.

The following counties have not reported early voting data:

Hardee County
Total Voters: 11,723

DeSoto County
Total Voters: 15,913

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