Florida man turns self in decades after TV theft

Posted at 1:16 PM, Apr 12, 2016
Police say a man charged with stealing a television in Connecticut 27 years ago flew from his Florida home and voluntarily turned himself in last weekend after recently learning there was a warrant out for this arrest.
Norwalk police tell The Hour newspaper that 60-year-old Randy Iannacone, of Port St. Lucie, arrived at headquarters Sunday with the letter notifying him of the warrant.
Iannacone was arrested and charged with third-degree larceny. He was released with a promise to appear in court on April 19.
The charge stemmed from the 1989 theft of a television from the Norwalk Jewish Center, where Iannacone worked as a custodian.
Lt. Paul Resnick says it was "pretty cool" that Iannacone turned himself in.
Iannacone didn't immediately respond to the paper's requests for comment.
Information from: The Hour