Police: Karate teacher solicited sex from 11-year-old boy

Posted at 10:34 PM, Jun 20, 2016
An Orlando karate teacher is accused of trying to solicit sex from an 11-year-old boy, reports WFTV.
Stephanie Figueroa, 20, sent naked pictures to the child and text messaged him through the cellphone app Kik, telling him she wanted to have sex, according the station, citing law enforcement. She was arrested Thursday.
WFTV reports the child’s mother contacted police after she found the messages on her son’s cellphone.
Figueroa met the boy through Next Gen Xtreme Martial Arts, where she works, WFTV reports.
The station reports that police say Figueroa at one point slid her hand on his thigh while they were alone and he told her to stop.
Figueroa is accused of messaging the boy and telling him she wanted to have sex with him during a sleepover at the karate school. She’s also accused of inviting him to her 21st birthday party and telling him she wanted to have sex with him.
The owner of the karate school told WFTV his surveillance cameras don’t show anything happening between Figueroa and the child.