Orlando shooter bought guns at Florida gun store

Posted at 9:42 PM, Jun 13, 2016
"I saw a guy who looked similar to him. He shot the cable out. I heard him say that he just bought the guns and he spent a lot of money on them," said a customer.
Omar Mateen purchased two guns legally at a Fort Pierce gun range where a customer believes he spotted him practicing in a lane next to him days before the massacre.
"He was shooting pretty hard and then the cables came down," said the customer who didn't want to be identified.
He says he can't be sure the shooter was Mateen. But the shooter was firing so much with a semi-automatic rifle he shot the wires holding the target.
"An evil person came in here and legally purchased firearms from us and if he hadn't purchased them from us, I'm sure he would've gotten them from another local gun store in the area," said Fort Pierce Shooting Center Owner Ed Henson.
Henson, who is a retired NYPD officer and 9/11 first responder, says ATF spent the morning at his range. He says Mateen purchased the guns legally.  
Now ABC News is reporting Mateen came in multiple times in the days leading up to the mass shooting. 
ABC News reports June 4, Mateen bought an AR-style Sig Sauer semi-automatic rifle and on June 5, he purchased a Glock 17 9 MM.
"Say your prayers for these victims. It was horrific and we all feel that same pain," said Henson.
At Mateen's Fort Pierce condo, we found his car with a Marines sticker and license plate. We've confirmed he was not military but instead a security guard for a world-wide private security company.
The Florida Department of Corrections also confirms Mateen was employed at Martin Correctional Institute for six months between 2006 and 2007.
"He's very quiet. I seen him a couple of times and never really said much to him and that was kinda odd because, like I said, everybody around here says 'good morning'
or 'how ya' doing' or just common talk and he never said anything," said neighbor Jason Beers.
We also found his car marked by red evidence stickers on the doors and the trunk.
On his front seat, we spotted a federal search warrant.