Florida man arrested for selling family fake Disney tickets

2nd victim says she bought fake Universal tickets
Fla. man jailed for selling fake Disney tickets
Fla. man jailed for selling fake Disney tickets
Posted at 7:05 AM, Jun 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-29 23:08:24-04

A 19-year-old Florida man is accused of selling 13 fraudulent Walt Disney World tickets to a family of tourists.

He's also wanted for a similar crime in Polk County. 

Volusia County Sherff's investigators say Branden Bullerin posted the tickets for sale on Craigslist.

An arrest affidavit says a woman from Tampa contacted Bullerin on June 18, wanting to buy the tickets. She met with him and bought the tickets for $1,000.

He told her he worked for the park and that's how he got the tickets. 

A representative for Walt Disney World tells ABC Action News he isn't nor has ever been a cast member at the park. 

Officials say when the woman and her family arrived at the park they were told the tickets were expired.

The woman then contacted authorities.

Bullerin is charged with grand theft and possession of a fraudulent admission ticket. He remains in jail on a $10,500 bond. Jail records don't list an attorney.

Polk Co. deputies released a warrant for Bullerin's arrest last month after he failed to appear in court for similar charges. 

Marta Vazquez says she purchased tickets from Bullerin back in February for Universal Studios after she found his ad on Craigsist. 

He told her he'd sell her three tickets to the park and throw in a fourth for free. 

"I was like, 'oh, this is the perfect deal'," she said, "so I went for it." 

The seller originally listed his name as Jayson on the site, but introduced himself as Bullerin when he showed up at her home to exchange the four tickets for $150. 

She says he even suggested she take a picture of his ID along with the printed tickets to provide as proof when she arrived at the park with her family, including her daughter traveling from New York. 

An employee at the park told her the tickets were fake. 

"I thought I was going to jail," she says.

She says the employee knew of the Bullerin, telling her he'd sold fraudulant park tickets before.

They offered her a discount so she could purchase real tickets for the whole family.

"Look, he's just a low life person," she said, "he has the audicity of lying to people in their face."

She contacted Polk County Sheriff's immediately after the incident.

Turns out these two women aren't the only ones Bullerin is accused of selling fake tickets to.

Orange County court records show Bullerin was convicted for selling $400 worth of counterfit tickets to an
out-of-state couple earlier this year.

A judge sentenced him to six months in jail and ordered him to repay the family.

Polk County investigators say they plan to press charges despite Bullerin's most recent arrest.

Bullerin says she''ll only purchase park tickets at the park from now on.

"Don't be a fool," she said, "just go with your instinct, don't trust no one when they say they have cheap tickets for sale."