Congress approves $1.1 billion to fight Zika

Rep. Jolly says funding is "critical for Florida"
Posted at 10:39 PM, Sep 28, 2016

The U.S. House of Representatives late Wednesday night approved spending $1.1 billion to fight the Zika virus. The U.S. Senate passed the measure earlier in the day.

“Tonight’s action is critical for Florida and is long overdue. The Zika outbreak is a public health issue, not a political one.  Though politics have prevented us from approving an emergency funding package earlier this year, Congress tonight did the right thing,” Congressman David Jolly (FL-13) said. “The measure approved tonight will provide funds for mosquito control, for vaccine development, and health care services for women, children, and families affected by Zika.  We may need more money in the coming months, but Floridians can finally rest easier knowing steps are being taken to fight this virus.”

When combined with funds already reprogrammed for Zika response activities, the total available resources to respond to the Zika virus are $1.7 billion.

The funding to combat Zika was included in a larger bill that passed to keep government open beyond September 30th.

Last month, Jolly made national news when he brought a jar of mosquito larvae to the House floor to help convey the fear and anxiety so many Americans have over Zika.

You can watch Jolly’s speech below: