CDC: 80% public pools in Fla. have violations

Posted at 7:12 AM, May 20, 2016
With Memorial Day weekend fast approaching, summer pool season will officially be here. 
But an alarming study recently released by the CDC may have you thinking twice about letting your family take a dip at the local public pool.
According to the CDC, nearly 80 percent of the public pools and hot tubs tested in Florida had a number of health and safety violations.
"I've swam in a lot of pools in Florida, so that kind of worries me," swimmer Chelsea Colwill told ABC Action News.
Swimmers throughout the area are troubled and for good reason. The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention is highlighting a major threat just ahead of pool season.
The most common violations revealed by the CDC's pool study indicate too little disinfectant, such as chlorine. 
"It's concerning, I've been a life guard. I've swam for 30 years, so it's something important to watch for and to check," said swimmer Rob Tullman.
A few things for parents to keep in mind”
If your child is sick, keep them out of the pool. 
Stay out of the water if you have an open wound. 
Shower before entering the pool to ensure cleanliness.
Experts also say parents should keep pool test strips on hand. It's an easy way to test the water quickly to ensure its safe.
Tullman told ABC Action News he'll certainly be careful before taking any dips this summer.
"I think most of the well maintained pools you can tell," said Tullman.
In this study 1 out of every 8 pools had to be shut down due to safety violations. 
None were here in the Tampa Bay Area.