Boca Raton teacher accused of inappropriately touching, kissing students

Suspect faces two counts of simple battery
Posted at 5:10 PM, Feb 16, 2017

A Boca Raton teacher is behind bars after police say he kissed a student.

Brian Kornbluth, 28, is facing simple battery charges after police say he was caught on camera kissing a student last Thursday while they were alone in a classroom.

The principal at Sommerset Academy had the classroom's surveillance camera moved to face Kornbluth's desk after hearing concerns from another teacher that Kornbluth wanted "to have certain students moved so they could attend his class."

Detectives spoke to the student and her sister who said she was also kissed.

Police say Kornbluth admitted to kissing the student but denied kissing the student's sister.

Kornbuth faces two counts of simple battery.