Social media making more people fearful of terrorist attacks

Posted at 4:36 AM, Jun 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-12 07:13:50-04

With terrorist attacks happening more and more, the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay says many people are more fearful.

Modern day technology is allowing terrorist attacks to feel closer than ever.

"I think the world has become a very small place because of the media, particularly social media," said Clara Reynolds, CEO of the Crisis Center of Tampa Bay. "I think because there are so many individuals, particularly this time of the year that are traveling, you may know friends, family members, acquaintances that are maybe in Europe or over in other parts of the world so it feels very much like you are at home."

Reynolds says that is causing more folks to fear a terrorist attack happening here. She says the center's job is to remind people that they're safe in the community... and help identify any underlying issues that may be contributing - which she says is often what's really causing some of the fear and pressure.

"I think everything is real from your perspective. I think everything is relative, every fear is relative – our job is to help individuals put that into perspective," she said.

The most important thing you can do:

  • Talk about your fears with people who care, like friends and family. 
  • Make sure you're eating right, getting plenty of rest, and engaging in activities you enjoy.

Reynolds says if you are still feeling fear, emotional, or depression months after an attack, it's a good idea to get help from a doctor.

"I feel like folks are taking it much more personally. I feel like the globe is feeling a little bit smaller and I do think people are concerned that something like that could happen here," said Reynolds.

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After the shooting at Pulse Nightclub, Reynolds says they received many calls from people overwhelmed by emotion and concern right here in Tampa Bay - and because today marks the 1 year anniversary, folks at the crisis center are ready to help if you feel you need it. Just dial 211.