Social media push urges people to shop local in Seminole Heights

Posted at 9:39 PM, Oct 27, 2017

A new social media push is urging people to shop local in Seminole Heights, a community shaken by three unsolved murders.

Neighbors are trying to spread the word to help out businesses now feeling a financial pinch.

Trip's Diner became an instant hit on Florida Ave. since it opened in July.

"Everybody believes in each other and supports each other," said Gordon Stevenson, owner of Trip's.

Stevenson says they've seen a slight downturn in business lately, about a five percent decline since this month's three murders.

"Not allowing something like this to ruin everybody is the way to go," he said.

Now Shaun Metzger is putting his social media skills to work promoting #SHOPSH.

He started the campaign a few days ago and says he's already seen businesses a bit more lively around the area.

"Especially in light of a situation like this, there's been a ton of activity, with the community stepping up," Metzger said.

The exposure may be working, as several neighborhood events this week have been promoting local shopping.

"How much money I make or lose is really not much of a concern compared to what's going on in the community," Stevenson said.