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Websites tell you if hackers stole your personal information in data breaches

Posted at 2:55 AM, Feb 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-09 06:57:49-05

Millions of accounts are hacked every year, putting your personal information at risk. 

We found some websites to help determine if you are a hacking victim and when you should change your password. will automatically check your email address or username across thousands of platforms to see if it has been compromised. It will tell you how hackers got your information and what information was stolen.

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For instance, one ABC Action News employee had their information stolen from a LinkedIn breach from May 2016. Only email addresses and passwords were stolen. But in 2017, much more information was stolen from a River City Media Spam List. That information included names and physical addresses. 

Experts always suggest changing your password if your information has been included in a breach.

Try to store your passwords. The website will also tell you when it may be a good idea to choose a new password. 

Digital Trends lists three other websites you can check to see if hackers stole your information. 

CNET also list good resources for choosing passwords and when you should delete old accounts.