Google introduces new parental control software for Android devices

Family Link helps parents monitor kids online
Posted at 6:21 AM, Mar 16, 2017

Google has announced the launch of Family Link, an application for parents that lets them make a Google account for their kids, plus manage and monitor their childrens' screen time. 

The application is only available on Android devices and both parent and child must use Android for the system to work. 

The app is designed to be used for children under the age of 13. 

Parents can set a "bedtime" for their kids' devices. They can also approve or block apps that the child wants to download from the Google Play Store. 

The app isn't available to anyone just yet. Google is offering early access to testers willing to try the service during this early preview. This way, parents can give feedback on the app and Google can work to customize it before the official release. 

Learn more about Family Link here