Thief steals disabled man's phone

Posted at 7:26 PM, May 12, 2016
and last updated 2016-05-12 19:26:27-04

A thief stole a disabled man's cell phone while he was working at McDonalds.

Christopher French, 26, was on his lunch break on Monday when the theft happened.

He left his phone on a table while he walked up to the counter, when he turned around, the thief had already swiped his phone. Surveillance video captured the whole incident.

"I was upset." French said. "That's just wrong."

French is developmentally delayed, but has overcome odds his entire life.

He graduated high school in 2012. In his family's home, a picture of his graduation hangs on the wall with the saying "If you reach for the  stars you can achieve anything." Words his family believes he's lived by. He helps an elderly neighbor by getting her mail and newspaper everyday. He also walks to work two days a week at a McDonalds on West Waters Avenue near Hanley Road, just a short distance from his home.

His family monitors him through an app on his cell phone. They receive alerts when he is at work and when he gets home.

"Why can't you (the thief) go out and get a job and get your own things?" French's grandmother, MaryLou Halstead, said. "Like Chris does."

Deputies still haven't found the thief, but Halstead says the GPS appeared to show the phone near their neighborhood at one point.