Woman gives birth at Hillsborough Co. Courthouse, reunites with heroes 21 years later

Posted at 7:14 PM, Apr 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-04-14 19:14:22-04

It was a Monday, "Tax Day,” 21 years ago.

Kimberly Porter was subpoenaed to testify in court.

"I think that it was a divine appointment,” said the Tampa mom. 

She never made it past a concrete bench inside the Hillsborough County Courthouse.

"I looked at him and said, he's coming out now,” said Porter laughing.

Porter's son, Jacob, was born in front of TV cameras on April 15th, 1996.

"Our lives always cross paths with people for a particular reason and that was a blessing to me,” said Porter.

Even though mom did all the work, three men stepped in to make sure her delivery went smoothly.

"I call you the three wise men,” said Porter.

"I just rolled him over and made sure his mouth was cleared out and he started screaming,” said  Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Detective Russell ‘Trey’ Hassle back then.

ABC Action News tracked one of  two security guards and a detective so Jacob and his mom could meet them on his birthday.

"First thing I saw of you was the top of your head,” said Detective Hassle smiling.

"God bless you son!” said Amos Allen hugging Jacob Friday at Chillura Park.

Security guard Amos Allen held Kimberly's hand and helped her fight through contractions.

"I didn't want to seem too anxious but I'm like man, feels like my son,” said Allen.

“You know we named him Jacob Allen spelled exactly like your last name?,” Mom responded.

Allen is retired now and fighting his own battle---cancer.

"Things like this keep me strong,” he explained.

A second security guard Lenny Chavers had just finished fire school.

The good news article in the paper kicked off his career at Tampa Fire Rescue. 

"They heard about the delivery at the courthouse and the rest is history man. I got hired,” said Chavers who’s now a fire investigator.

And who would've guessed the baby boy he helped deliver aspires to be a firefighter, too.

"They always told me about how I was brought into this world and from a firefighter, that's kind of great, I can picture myself doing that for the rest of my life,” said 21 year old Jacob Campbell.

Mom ended up at St. Joseph's maternity ward, not the stand that day.

Detective Hassle was late to his judge's courtroom.   

"She says are you ready to testify or would you rather bring some more children into the world and I said, ma'am I'd rather testify and she said, I bet you would,” said Detective Hassle.

A divine appointment linking five lives together-- an appointment mom believes only God could have scheduled.

"They really blessed our lives that day," said Porter.