VIDEO: Car slams head on into parked SUV

Police searching for the driver
Posted at 11:19 PM, Sep 14, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-15 08:03:27-04

"That impact was so hard that it moved his car twelve feet," said Adis Almanza.

That impact was also caught on surveillance camera.

Adis Almanza says it was around six in the morning, the sun had yet to come out when her brother woke her up in a panic.

"He actually heard when it crashed and he saw the car through the window," said Almanza.

The video shows a vehicle traveling down West Flora Street in Tampa slam head on into his parked SUV. Then the driver simply backs up and drives away leaving only a line of leaking fluids.




"It moved everything inside," said Almanza.

A quick look around the vehicle shows broken head lights, bent bumpers and side paneling. Even worse, the cars engine was completely shifted by the crash.

Almanza says its her brother's only mode of transportation for work but it no longer runs.

"For him its everything because he doesn't have a car to drive now so he's relying on me or my step dad to take him to work," said Almanza.

She says fixing the car would probably cost more than its worth but finding someone to hold accountable for the accident wont be easy either.

The cameras failed to capture the cars license plate.

"They just took off and there's nothing we can do now, he doesn't have insurance to cover the damage," said Almanza.

So tonight they hope someone will come forward and help identify the car and its driver.

"All we want is the car fixed, that's all we want," said Almanza.