Veteran goes above and beyond for girl in need

Helps raise money for hand-pedal bicycle
Posted at 6:36 PM, May 02, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-02 18:36:43-04

"This is their sign that they made,” said Josephine Johnson.

50 cents for a cup or one dollar if you’re thirsty for a big one.

Four little girls thought their lemonade stand was to raise money for a Mother's Day outing. 

"I didn't want her to know that I'm trying to get her a bike."

But not the kind her three sisters ride.

10-year-old Nevaeh Johnson needs a bicycle she can pedal with her hands.

"When people stare, I say, don't stare. Ask her. Come up, ask her what's her name. Ask her how she was born like this,” said Nevaeh’s mom.

The Oldsmar Elementary School 4th grader born without femurs  is a double amputee.

"There they were so I stopped,” said Linda Vatter, Suncoast Brotherhood Organization.

And even though Linda Vatter admits she can't pass-up a kids' lemonade stand, it wasn't the mix that made her sip and strike up a conversation.

"Then when I saw her little girl I was like, I can help,” said Vatter.

"She got my information and that was it,” explained Johnson.

Turns out Vatter knows a lot about bikes---actually motorcycles.

She’s a member of the Suncoast Brotherhood Organization a motorcycle group helping kids, veterans, and others in need.

"I pulled over to a gas station and after I finished wiping the tears away, I'm like, we gotta do this,” said Thomas Brown, Founder Tampa Homeless Outreach.

Thomas Brown is a member too.

His non-profit called Tampa Homeless Outreach raised the money for the hand bike that he and dozens of riders will drop off at the girls' Oldsmar lemonade stand this Sunday.

You’re invited too. Their lemonade stand is located at the strip mall parking lot at Oakleaf Boulevard and Peppertree Drive off Tampa Road in Oldsmar. It will open this Sunday at 3 PM.

"The love-- I never thought strangers could be so, so, so loving,” said Johnson.

Love this single mom knows was freshly squeezed—selfless, pure and certainly sweet.

"The heart-- it comes from the heart,” said Johnson.