Veteran denied benefits surprised by good samaritans

Posted at 9:39 PM, Feb 09, 2017

A veteran who served in Korea said he’s been denied benefits for years, but may soon be getting the money he’s owed. 85-year-old Gaylord Walter’s medical records burned in a fire at the VA in the 1960’s.

Walter vividly remembers the 17 months he spent in Korea but said the VA has forgotten him for years.

“I couldn’t make them believe that we were in, that I was in Korea, I was in there with my brother, I found my brother over there,” Walter said.

The VA has denied Walter benefits for more than a decade.

 “That war altered his life...he loved this country, and not do they say thank you, they deny his very existence in that country,” Nancy Walter said.

But now, Walter’s lawyer James Wardell said the government has finally acknowledged Walter was in Korea and there’s hope he’ll get the money he deserves.

 “I got up this morning and I said, well it won’t be long now, I can’t talk about it ,” Walter said as he got emotional. 

That could mean nearly $400, 000, but in the meantime, the couple got another surprise. A group who saw the original story on ABC Action News raised donations for Walter and thanked him in person.

“I couldn’t believe it, they’re great,” Walter said.

“It shows the community love that’s out there, that we stick together, even when the government lets us down,” Nancy said. 

Walter meets with an examiner from the VA next week and should find out how much money he’ll get soon.